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In our EHRC Marathon SHOP you will find a brief overview of the most common Roller Hockey materials per section.

The photos and prices are purely for illustration / guideline, we order as an intermediary for our members and do not make a profit on the items.

You see photos and description of the article, the possible colors, sizes and the price. Unfortunately, it is not possible to order online on our site. If there is something not listed that you would like to have, do not hesitate to ask the material committee ( ).

If you want to order something, you can of course, but then I request you to send an email to our material committee ( ).

In the email you describe the items that you would like to purchase, including (where applicable), the size and color you would like.

You will always receive advice and / or confirmation of your question and / or order.

There are a number of rules that must be observed to ensure that orders are processed as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Game rules:

- orders are placed at a roller hockey shop in Lisbon-Portugal

- all mentioned prices are exclusive of shipping costs (0-5 kg ​​22 euros / 5-10 kg 32 euros) from Portugal

- possible shipping costs to send it within the Netherlands or Belgium are also at the buyer's expense

- orders are collected as much as possible and placed as 1 large order

- this allows us to distribute the shipping costs evenly (+ 2-5 euros per item, for example)

- orders are only placed after there is a reasonable amount to order (approx. 1x per 2 months)

- Ordering directly is of course also possible, however the shipping costs (approx. 22 euros / 5 kg) will then be charged as a whole on top of the item price

- Orders that have already been submitted can not be returned or canceled

- With regard to dimensions, you are at all times responsible yourself, return is at your own expense

- only in case of damage / defect upon receipt, can I file a complaint and return material

Do you have a question or order ... email to: or call: 06-50919766

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

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