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EHRC Marathon can be reached in various ways. By email, by telephone, via the Website.

Below is an overview of the number of coordinating members with their details, do not hesitate to contact them with questions, requests and / or comments.

General club email address is:


Mr. Beer Fresco        Chairman Tel: 06-51273830 Email:

Mr. Ger Huntink Secretary Tel: 06-52503392 Email:

Mr. Paulo Sacramento Treasurer Tel: 06-50919766 Email:

Mr. Frans Huntink Chairman-TCR Tel: 06-57732001 Email:

Mrs. Anita Ooms    Line coordinator Youth Tel: 06-19910860 Email:

Mrs. Mieke v Buuren Line coordinator Trimmers Tel: 06-11164798 Email:

Jose & Paulo Material committee Email:

visiting address

Our outdoor roller hockey rink is located in the Zuiderpark.

Mr. P. Drooglever Fortuynweg 3

2533 SP The Hague

(on the website you can find out how to reach the Roller Skating Track Zuiderpark by public transport)


Come by bicycle, moped, scooter or public transport to our sports accommodation in the Zuiderpark. There is a free unguarded bicycle shed behind the ball catcher changing room side.

To park the car outside the sports facility, parking spaces P1 to P4 are recommended (see drawing). There are no parking spaces in front of the entrance of the sports facility. Do not be tempted if there are cars parked. There are three types of parking enforcers active in the Zuiderpark.

Public Transport Public Transport

Sportcampus Zuiderpark (indoor) is within walking distance (15 min) from Moerwijk station. The sports campus can also be reached by tram lines 1, 9, 10, 11, 12 and bus line 18.

Address: Meester P. Drooglever Fortuynweg 22, 2533 SR The Hague.

(on the website you can find out how to reach the indoor Sportcampus Zuiderpark by public transport)

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