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De rolschaatsclub in Den Haag        .....sinds 1947 !


Welcome to the renewed website of EHRC Marathon, the First Roller Skating Club Marathon in The Hague, founded in 1947 and has been the roller-skating heart of our beautiful city of The Hague for over 70 years. At EHRC Marathon you can go for all branches of roller skating, from figure skating to speed skating, but especially for roller hockey, in our opinion the fastest hockey sport on wheels.


You used to find the association at the Marathonrink on Savornin Lohmanlaan in The Hague, which is well-known to many elderly residents of our city, but since the disappearance of that beautiful place, the association has been at home for many years on the roller skating rink Zuiderpark - how is it possible also different! - in the beautiful Zuiderpark, on the mr. P. Drooglever Fortuynweg 3. Incidentally, during the chilly winter months we will move to the indoor accommodation of the beautiful Sports Campus located on the other side of the roller-skating rink.


We are proud that we can offer a very wide range of roller hockey. Many boys, girls, men and women feel at home with us and enjoy our weekly training opportunities and (competition) competitions for youth, seniors, veterans and groomers. Our youngest active member is not yet six years old, the oldest has already passed 70. There is no better proof that our sport is healthy and can be practiced for many years to come !!


Roller hockey is a small sport, but a sport to which we as an association want to contribute. The association can only do that because almost everyone in the association realizes that we are involved in sports together. That is why we are proud that, in addition to the active members, the parents of the children, the former members and all others who have a warm heart for the association, always want to dedicate themselves to our beautiful sport. The association would like to challenge you to join us, if possible on the roller skate, but - if that does not work (anymore) - by experiencing the conviviality of the association.

indoor zuiderpark 3.jpg
indoor zuiderpark1.jpg

Indoor baan - Sportcampus Zuiderpark


Outdoor baan - Rolschaatsbaan Zuiderpark


Veteranen 1 / 2


Welcome to … The Hague… Like to play rink hockey with us....

In The Hague, tens of thousands of people are working every day to build a more peaceful and just world. People come to The Hague from every corner of the globe to work together to tackle global challenges. With the Peace Palace at the center of it all. The Hague is truly the international city of peace and justice. The Hague is a cosmopolitan city and still remains live able and personal. Everything in the entire city is barely more than a stone throw away, including the seaside/beach. Step on a tram in the historic city center or the central station and within 20 minutes you’ll find yourself on The Hague’s eleven-kilometer long beach. The ideal place to take a break from life’s hustle and to find the inspiration for new ideas. Since time immemorial, The Hague has been an open city, with regal allure. The royal family lives and works here and it’s the seat of the Dutch government, where vitally important decisions affecting the future of the country are taken every day. Which is why so many companies, students, diplomats and non-profit organizations choose to come to The Hague. Because here, you can expand your network, influence what goes in around you and make a difference in the world. The Hague offers unexpected extras. Only in The Hague you cross paths with the king and only here does the prime minister cycle to work, like anyone else. Be ready for a place where extraordinary encounters are daily occurrence. Welcome to The Hague! Be part of it! 

We are proud that E.H.R.C. Marathon, the first Roller Club in the Hague, is the hart of the The Hague “Roller Scene” since 1947. You can be a part of our club as well! Visit us on one of the regular events and do not hesitate to put on your skates of, if you do not have them (anymore), we will challenge you with one of our own pair of skates!

Send us an e-mail or call us by phone.

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